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The biggest projects require the biggest tools. Solving water related issues typically results in excavation. We have the equipment, knowledge, and experience necessary to provide services such as grading, water proofing, and drainage.

Grading and Re-Sloping

Our team of experts uses tools and technology such as a laser transit to identify differences in elevation. Our tools allow us to identify solutions to a variety of issues. Grading can solve problems such as – a bumpy yard, an unusually wet yard, converting unusable space, and eliminating unnecessarily steep hills. An expert can evaluate your property and give you a free estimate to help develop a plan.


Diagnosing your problem is a priority when it comes to protecting the foundation of your home. Identifying water damage is a job for a professional. The solution is to excavate and remove all of the dirt from the exterior walls of your basement, replacing old footer tiles, sealing the walls, and back filling with our high quality gravel. For a more in-depth explanation, evaluation of your home, and a free estimate please contact us!


Water issues without an obvious solution can still be resolved. Our yard drainage solutions can eliminate unnecessary stagnant water. Combining multiple of our offered services such as grading, drainage, and lawn planting we can find a solution to fit your needs. Contact us to see what it will take to solve your water issue!