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Top Soil

All Purpose Topsoil

All Purpose TopsoilAll-Purpose Topsoil provides consistent results when applied to planting beds, lawn establishment and other general landscape construction projects. It is a dark, uniform, workable soil that meets the needs of a variety of applications. All-Purpose Topsoil is a reliable, general purpose soil used for promoting stronger, healthier plants.


Easy cultivation and workability

Premium Topsoil

All Purpose TopsoilA compost based planting mix that can be used in any weather for shrub and tree beds, raised planters, flower gardens and more. This mix is high in organic matter for optimal moisture retention and nutrient availability.


  • Raised beds and gardens
  • Tree and shrub installation


  • Used in any weather
  • High in Organic matter
  • Rich, black soil

Mulch, stone, sand, topsoil, sweet peet, peat moss, seed, straw and firewood is always on hand at Leonti’s Outdoor Supply for pick up or delivery.

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