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A beautiful lawn is one of the most important qualities in having a great outdoor living space. At Leonti’s Outdoor Supply we have the ability to turn your old lawn into something great! We can help rehab your existing lawn or install a brand new one!

Lawn Repair / Lawn Rehab

Unimpressed with your unhealthy or ugly lawn? Allow us to help evaluate your problems and provide recommendations for what to do now and in the future. We offer a wide range of services to help turf quality. Aeration, Lawn dethatching, Over-seeding, Lime treatments, and grub control are some of our most common lawn services. We can also remove and replace lawn areas that have become overrun with invasive grasses such as Creeping Bentgrass.

New Lawns

If you have a new construction property that is in need of a lawn we can help! Building an open communication relationship with customers allows us to work with builder’s schedules to complete task quickly and effectively. We can develop a strategic plan for scheduling, budgeting, and enjoying your new yard. Our quality materials and professional installation will give you quick and impressive results. We offer seed and sod installation. We also will gladly replace an existing lawn to give you that fresh start!

Pool Fill In

Removing an old swimming pool whether in-ground or above ground can leave you with a big project. At Leonti’s we have access to all of the materials and equipment necessary to properly repair your yard. Following the right steps and using the right materials is the most important part of this project. We have developed a systematic process to complete your pool fill in correctly while being minimally invasive to the surrounding environment. Please contact us for more details!